How to set up an inclusive/exclusive tax for your products?

If you want your customers to see a breakdown of taxes and/or fees, create taxes & fees on your account, and customize which of them apply to each product.

The steps are as follows

Step 1: click on the settings tab on the left side of the page.

Step 2: click on the taxes and fees

Step 3: click new taxes and fees

The page appears as follows

On this page, you can create new taxes or fees as your wish.

The steps are as follows

 Step 1: enter the name of the tax

Step 2: enter the type of the tax (i.e. Fee/tax)

Select tax when you are required to collect tax for accounting purposes. Taxes can be inclusive or exclusive.

Select fee when you are required to collect a fee for 3rd parties. Fees can have a fixed value per booking or quantity.

Step 3enter the type (that can be fixed or can be a percentage)

Step 4: enter the amount of the tax

Step 5: choose the amount type

Inclusive: this type of tax will not be applied on top of product prices, but the tax amount will be visible in the order summary online and invoices. 

Compound: this type of tax will be applied on top of the product price.

 Step 6: Click on the Save button