How to set up a product: all tabs explained?


This section includes the creation and setup of the product for that we have to navigate through different tabs

The steps are as follows

Step 1:  open my products under the inventory tab

Step 2:  click on the new product button on the left side of the  page                           

  Type tab

There are several types of products to select from, depending on the type of business you run. Most types have the same setup and tab configuration. However, there are some products that have specific setup and configuration

 Ø  Choose your type of product and then enter to the details tab

 Details tab

In this section we can add all the basic details of the product name, product pricing, descriptions of the product and its images

Ø  Enter all the details and enter to the add-ons tab

 Add-ons tab

Add-ons are paid extras you want to sell to your customers when they book this product.

Ø  Choose the add-ons that you want to offer for this product, on clicking the icon you can add more add-ons for the product

If you have not yet created any add-ons click on add new add-ons button for creating new add-ons.

Ø  Create a new add-on and enter to the scheduling tab

Scheduling tab

 Here it schedules the booking date and time available to the user in the way you prefer.

 There are 2 main methods:

·       Fixed dates & times: This allows you to select dates and times when this product is available. Gives you the flexibility to change the price and availability for each date/time, and to blackout dates.


      Any date - accept inquiries for any date:

      this means that date is required, but the customer can choose any they wish.

 There 3 methods in case of time availability

Fixed time: allows customers to select only time slots that we are given

·         Add an available time for your tour or activity

 Any time - allow customers to choose a time: allows customers can book any time they choose.

 Time not required for booking: online your customers can book any date and are not given a choice to select a time.

 Confirm bookings:

there are two ways that your customers will receive confirmation after they have completed their booking.

 Automatically: booking confirmations are automatically sent to the customer.

·         Manually: booking confirmations are manually sent to the customer.

Minimum booking hold time:

this is the minimum amount of time that you require for an order to be placed, also called the minimum book ahead of time.

 Duration time:

This is the minimum amount of time that you require for an order to be placed, also called minimum book ahead time.

If you complete the entire configuration in the scheduling tab then enter to the booking info tab

Booking info tab

your orders have the main customer area and information for each participant

Check the fields that you want to be shown to your customers for this product.

You can capture as many details as you need, but we recommend having a low number of fields to make it easy for customers to check out.

            this tab comes with a default field selected

·         First name

·         Last name

·         Email

·         Phone


You're able to obtain even further information, from both the customer making the booking and each person attending the tour & activity including:

·         Special dietary requirements

·         Specific pick up locations

·         Current accommodation and hotel locations

 Publish tab

this tab is where you can set the online visibility of your products. You can choose if a product can be viewed online only on your website.

Categories - is where you set the visibility for this product on your website. You can choose the category from the dropdown where your products wish to appear.

 If you have not yet created any categories click on add new category button for creating a new category.

Click on the next button to enter the location tab

Location tab show this product's location to your customers.

 Steps as follows

Step 1: enter the destination of your business location.

Step 2: enter the destination address of your business location

Your selected city will appear on the map in the product.

Step 3: Click on next button to complete the location set up of the product

Pick up tabs

you can add a pickup list to this product.

 when added, your customers will have to select a pickup location from the list when making a booking

If not needed then you just need to select the no pickup points

 If you have not yet created any pickup points click on add new pickups button for creating new pickups.

Drop points

            you can add a drop points list to this product.

When added, your customers will have to select a drop points location from the list when making a booking.

 If not needed then you just need to select the no drop point options

 If you have not yet created any drop points click on add new drop points button for creating new drop points.

Click the next button.

 Taxes and fee

if you want your customers to see a breakdown of taxes and/or fees, create taxes & fees on your account and customize which of them apply to each product.

This tab allows you to add taxes and fees to your products:

·         Choose the appropriate tax/fee

·         Click save the product

 If you have not set up any taxes or fees, click on add new tax. 

Related products

     Related products allow you to cross-sell to your customers. For example, you may want to suggest booking an afternoon tour after they book a morning tour

            tick the products you want to show as related products online to your customers.

 Click on save the product.