How to Update Regional Settings?

Regional settings are where you can set your default language, preferred format for numbers and dates. Time zone, currency settings.

The steps for updating regional settings as follows

Step 1: Click on the Settings tab on the left side of the page.

Step 2: Click on the Regional settings

Step 3: Click on the edit button for updating regional settings



Select your preferred language this will also change the format of numbers and dates.

Time Zone

 Select your time zone.

Note: That changing your time zone will update all existing orders and session times.

Start day

Select the day to start a week from. This will be applied to all calendars, both yours in Pixobooking and your customers booking online.


Select your default currency.

Note: This is the default currency you wish to charge your customers in. If you are using a payment gateway to automate payments, make sure you select the same currency.

Order number type

Choose the type of order number that will be generated. This is a required field.

Alphanumeric: Order number can be alphabetical and/or numerical (i.e.: RABC123).

Numeric: Order number can be only numerical (i.e.: 123-456)

Sequential: Order number will be generated sequentially and will start from 000001 for each prefix.


Order prefix

Enter the prefix for your order number

Financial year

In this section we can set up the financial year for the company.

 data appearance is depended on the year we set up here

 Click on the Save Button for updating your changes